15 February 2019

A focus on The Female child

Growing up, they tell us the things we could become; a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot etc. and all the nicest of professions but they never taught us about marriage. It was seen as the Climax of all achievements for a female child in Africa.

So you grow up thinking that is the Climax really until you see the world for yourself.

I was 20 years, I was clueless, naive and just wanted to leave home and be with him. My Aunty thought I was crazy. Everyone felt different but I couldn't understand it because I thought that was what growing up was all about; be married, get married. 

Someway somehow, I started working at that age as an IT support/sales Rep. After all the certification exams and all. I started seeing things differently. My Boss, at that time, taught me so much about life itself, marriage and life achievements; and I felt like I have seen the light and it was damn bright, brighter than the sun.

So I called off the engagement because I needed to find who I am and what I wanted for myself and not just a baggage for someone who has found their self.

Folks, teach your girl child to know their worth, what they want for themselves and who they truly want to be. Don't force them into marriage like it’s the climax of life's achievements. 

I'm almost 30 and I do not regret all the things I have experienced. Maybe some were too harsh, maybe I wasn’t just ready for all the stuff that happened but I'm glad that I have found my path.

5 January 2019

Exploring Together

Traveling helps you discover new things,  people, food, communities,  lifestyle etc at the same time can be really challenging  especially if one is on a budget that is  not to say you won't have fun just limited .

I try to explore the communities,  cities , country around me no matter how little ; at least away from what I am used to. It might mean taking a bus route to a particular location,  it helps open up my mind especially when i feel lost . Seeing people juggle about their daily lives, exchange of trades, eating, driving, struggling to manoeuvre a traffic zone , drifting away in thought at a bus station etc  you can't but not appreciate what you have.

Putting together all the trips I was on in 2018; all the places,  cities, countries I have been to just brought alot of memories and i wish i can write the unique experiences out in detail... Maybe I will do just that.

2019 is here and it promises to cover more distance. Where would you love to visit this year and why would you want to go there? Drop your answers in the comment section, you might get yourself a travel partner.

30 December 2018

Live once More

We are less than 48 hours into a new year 2019!, we have all made mistakes, taken the wrong turn, taken risks but look at the bright side you made it this far and in a few hours we are going to face another year.

Live a little and don't beat yourself up of things you didnt do or achieve.  You have another chance to make it right by yourself and with God's grace.

Happy new year in advance and i hope this post help you smile a little.

6 June 2018

A Day With The Sea

Hello fam!!! I'm used to calling everyone fam and it has come to stay , anyways it's been a loooooooooooooooooooong time!
Been away working on myself and all. I hope you enjoy this piece I wrote about my trip from Cameroon(Africa)

In fear of been stuck in another man's land where crisis was the order of the day pushed us to look for the nearest means out. All the roads had been closed. But we were determined to get out before anything starts and we were informed about a sea journey. Unknown to us Cameroon has about different port passes to connect to Nigeria.
The first port was in wovia where we were  almost smuggled with the goods and were told after much hope and anticipation by 9:30pm that there was no boat that we have to get to the port in Idenau .
so as early as 4:30am we started another journey which is about an 1hr drive from wovia village. On arrival at Idenau port , It felt different,  everyone was hustling for passengers.The people seemed to know what they were doing but our journey did not start until 10am after the driver sent the manifest to the Cameroon naval officials at the port.

We were about 10minutes into the big sea when the engine went off and luckily for us the driver was also a mechanic and then he waved to another sailor ( a Fisher man) to ask for some tools to adjust a fault which took almost an hour where we all waited patiently in the boat under the sun and on water.
We continued our journey all sitted quietly enjoying the cruise as we got splashes of water on our skin . This was the part where there was no sign of human,  trees or anything that could speak except for water splashes and the melody from the boat.

Three and half hour more into the ocean we were signalled by some naval officials to stop for checking ( in my mind I'm guessing he is used to the stop and search procedure) . They were very friendly it felt like the officials needed some people to gist with but we continued our journey after they bid us farewell.
Back to the loneliness and water splashes with white blue sunny sky over our heads, there was no better way to enjoy this trip than to free your mind of fear .

It's so welcoming to be finally home in your own land where everything works in your favour , where we all speak the same tongue,  where the hustling and bustling is a constant symphony and mostly importantly " PEACE" is our choice.

5 October 2016

Building A Tent On IDANRE Hill

I barely knew little about Idanre and i was so eager to be there myself , not caring about the safety involved . because it one thing for the human mind to be scared of a place where they haven't been before especially From where i come from .but it ended  up been  a place where i will love to go back and build a tent and just live.

Idanre Hill - Oke Idanre, Ondo Located in Idanre Town, about 24 kilometres southwest of Akure, 

Ondo State, Nigeria West Africa with 606 Steps to climb to get to  the hill Top and  beautiful resting bars after every two hundred climb, it was indeed planned out carefully and thoughtfully. The more you climb the more your legs starts to wobble and you feel very dehydrated and want to munch cookies or something - (covers eyes) especially if you are a foodie  like me.

Climbing the steps took us about an approximately 1 hr and our tour guide kept talking and explaining the history none stop and i was admiring his energy and the zeal to keep us going, it was indeed an awesome moment and finally we go to the hill which is about 3000ft above sea level and i wished i had carried a tent , would have just slept over and go home the next day.

It really amazing seeing human like yourself and their lifestyle, live freely up in the hill away from the world you are used to, away from police troubles,away from car issues, away from power failure and electricity shenanigan, away from the world of social media.

 They lived in peace and harmony and were easily very welcoming, one would ask if i was scared, However , I wasn't even scared, as a matter of fact i could not  remember what being scared meant as i was having so much fun enjoying the scenery, the walk way filled with bushes  and the castles made from mound that were built by their forefathers , it was indeed a magical place to be.

Plus I had to leave my mark on their first Elementary school wall, that was built in the 1900, The struggle to do the name writing though, because so many people had written their names and it was like if you have not written your name then you were not there...(smiles)

Signing out..........


19 August 2016

Appreciating Creativity in Africa

One can only understand and feel the gravity of creativity put into work by our African Forefathers when you touch and see the work that they have done. countries like Zanzibar is widely known for it stone buildings , the time and patient put into work is amazingly extra-ordinary.

I have become more appreciative of Africa in the past months, because people with great minds of creativity took out their time to make it work not only for themselves but for us now, like they saw future ahead of them and now it has become a great tourist site . there  people are more accepting and hospitable to themselves and others , amazing sea site, great African food and a welcoming scent of stone built houses.Take some time to explore the cobbled streets & grand old buildings of Stone Town.

24 July 2016

Are You Ever Ready For your Next Trip...?

In as much as we all love to travel and explore new opportunities and see beautiful cities and countries, I cant help but ask if anyone is ever ready for their next trip.

Traveling to wetlands, Nairobi Kenya, An East African country and I sure wasn't ready, I started packing what I needed that same day as I had loads of backlog of work to attend to. At a point i wanted to cancel , heaven knows I couldn't but I eventually went and it was one of shortest fun trip i have had in a longtime and Bought  most of the stuff I needed when I landed ( Thanks to Airport Super stores).

Bottom line is no one is really ever ready for their next trip and it was fun for me cause Iam talking   and laughing about it now and it just made realized that once you love what you do , you would always find ways of solving whatever issues that comes with it.

9 April 2016

Short Story Edition: Jollof Rice Is Bae

I'm 27 years old and  I had this boyfriend. He was in Lagos while I work as a Travel writer so you could call it a long distance relationship. Anyway, this guy was so adorable, so caring, so nice ati be be lo. If I said jump, he'd ask 'Baby, how high do you want me to jump? Are you sure I shouldn't fly too?" I'm kidding but you know what I mean. He was a perfect boyfriend. He made me feel so good and secure. He gave me a key to his place. Whenever I was coming back , he'd pick me up. He was my driver around town. He'd escort me to the salon and sit patiently while I made my hair. Very correct guy.

So, it was Valentines Day , person cannot come and die because of work . Anyway, I didn't inform my boo so he wasn't expecting me. I wanted to surprise him. I got to Lagos, took a cab to his house and opened the door. Immediately I got in, I saw this sisi coming out of the kitchen wearing his shirt and boxers. I just smiled inside me. She was startled. Before she could open her mouth, I seized the narrative.

"Who are you and where's my brother? Isn't he back from work?"
She was startled. "Ah. You're Ayo's sister? Welcome aunty. Welcome" She knelt down, greeted me and took my bag.
"He's not yet back ma. Come and sit down. What would you drink?"
I was amused. Here I was barely 30, and a girl clearly older than I was was genuflecting and greeting me with respect because I was in my 'brother's' house. I decided I liked this respect of a thing and wanted to see how far I could take it. Let's just say I kinda overdid it.

I sat down, put my legs up and started ordering "my prospective sister-in-law" upandan. What did you cook?
She cooked jollof rice and served me like a queen. With chicken, turkey and dodo put on a tray. She knelt down while giving me the food. I ate till my tummy almost burst. That was the sweetest jollof I've ever eaten. The best jollof rice ever. I can't get over how sweet it was.

She brought a pillow for me to adjust my back. She brought the remote control closer to me. She brought me water. I sent her to buy me stout. She went over and beyond to make me comfortable. I liked her already.
While I was sending her upandan, I'd throw her small compliments like "my brother must really like you" "you're the first girl I've seen here" "you're our wife o" And she'd giggle and blush and do more to please me.
She must have asked me "Aunty, do you want me to do anything else for you?" like 50 times.

After eating delicious jollof rice to my fill, I settled down to watch TV. I still kept on sending my 'sister in law' though. Open my bag. Bring out that charger. Charge my phone. Take out the clothes in that bag. Put them in this other bag. She was a dutiful little worker. Bless her.

Shortly after 7pm, our 'boyfriend" came back...though I mean by now he was my brother. Immediately he got in and saw me, he was shocked opening his mouth and closing it like a fish. I jumped up and called my new 'sister-in-law'. "Your darling is back o. Thank you for taking care of me. I'd be going home now". Then I turned to my brother and wagged my finger in his face "This girl is a good girl. You better treat
her right". Then I turned back to my sister-in-law, "If he misbehaves, let me know". She knelt down and thanked me again. I was happy. This respect thing is heady stuff o.

She collected my number and I told my brother to pick my bags and drop me home.
He picked up my bags and we went out into the car. He still hadn't uttered a word. We got into the car and he started apologising. He was sorry. She meant nothing. He met her at the club. He wasn't expecting me blah blah blah. I didn't even answer him. I didn't have his time. I was too busy thinking about that sweet jollof rice. I was regretting why I didn't tell her to pack me a bowl of it to eat at home. We got to my house and I got down, I didn't even look back at him or wave bye.

That jollof rice was sweet ehn.

6 March 2016

TravelEdition: From Yankari With An Open Mind

It was the break of new dawn, the weather was chillie in the Northen part of Nigeria, Actually the capital territory Abuja, with so much anxiety and anticipation of a wonderful ride to Yankari Reserve in Bauchi State. following google map and checking if everyone was in check. Our journey did not start until 12; 08pm with calculated journey of 504km which is about 7hrs from our research, little did we know.

Life is about perception and  is full of surprises and only those with enduring spirit and fearless mind take the risk of  doing the ertra- odinary things especially going to a location for the fun of adventure and exposure where you have no clue of what the road looks like or what the reception will be from the indigen of the mentioned location with so much terror attack going on in north.
Our first  stop  as a group was in Jos after a long and separate ride from Abuja at this point we were all exited that our long awaited and delayed journey has started, the road from Keffi all the way to Jos seemed pretty fair and passable, the feel of the cool wind, the well formatted trees and  rock area filled my sight and i couldnt  help but commend on how beautiful our lands are and wondering how we as people of Nigeria can contribute to the growth of Economy by turning all this places to tourist attration, not only were we all exited but the villages who surrounded us with so much joy like they just saw their long awaited Prince, The woman who came to sell "Energy Booster" for the men and i watched as she tries with so much happiness to sell the Energy booster and they waved us farewell as we departed, my heart pumped and felt encouraged to continue the Journey.

As we approched the Outskit of Jos into Bauchi state the ride was getting too long and our 7hrs calculated journey was already running out, Nobody had anything to eat except liquid and my small packed cookies was shared amongst all, We checked in with google map just to be sure but everybody's map was reading right and we were all looking lost but still eager to conquer this Journey then we asked the villages which way to Yankari Bauchi and they pointed to left and we were hoping it is not a mistake but we kept on riding after about 2 hrs , we lost site of our other group riders appareantly they were either ahead of us or behind and I was already getting aggitated and tired and my partner didnt seem like he was bothered he just wanted to get to Yankari.

Now Bauchi seemed like it was here finally and we were still riding solo till about 7:10pm at the NNPC filling station in Bauchi, where we refilled and asked for direction , wondering if the Hausa indigen would give us the clue to our math, we all have wrong impression about them. They told us that from where we were to Yankari was 40kms and another 42kms into the game reserve which is about 1hr/30minutes ride and it felt like a journey of NO RETURN. Kudos to Cocoacola for making coke available even as far this, that was our only survival kit and we began again, riding into the night with bad roads and the scary military check points and the darkness that draw to our face like it was going  to us to another world.

At 8:35pm we saw the other riders surrounded by crowd , we were relief at the site of Familiar face and asked for the other two and we were told that they ve gone to Gombe!! Appaerantly they missed their way , we were happy that others were good and then we continued and finally "We are Here" Yankari Reserve" and they gate men said they had closed and we cant be allowed in! everyone was tired and warn out after long argument, they allowed us in and told us to move Very slowly and The Crazy one amongst us said '' yes we shall all move at 15km/hr. The Security advised that we shall see 7 Animal Cross sign, how accurate they are with all this little information.

At 10:10pm we were finally inside and the 7 animal crossing felt like 12, we were all tired but the environment view at night felt like heaven,  The hut built like houses and the interior was classy and we had our first meal of the day and no one cared if the food tasted nice or not we just wanted to eat, it wasnt until the next day that we discovered the surroundings of where we slept, the baboons hovering around in search of what to grab, the pumba looking like animal and the wikki warm spring which is always at 31degrees, I was really intrigue by the constuction of the road to the wikki warm river with side way stairs.
wikki warm spring

The Safari visit was another boner as we were eager to see lion and elephant but they left us with their droppings and the cave inside the rock where their fourfathers lived during slave trade, used to think slave only happened in the western region but little did i know.
life is filled with many opportunities....have an open mind, makes the world go round.

10 February 2016

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

When you are comfortable, you've nearly mastered that level of your life. You've learned all the necessary things in that area of your life where you no longer are trying to figure things out so your mind and body are relaxed because it knows exactly what to do.
When you aren't comfortable, there are things that you need to learn so we begin to feel nervous and reach anxiety because our mind and bodies are working hard to figure out what they need to do. You may think, why would I want to make my self uncomfortable but you should really be thinking, "why would I want to be comfortable?"

If you realize that you aren't really learning or growing when you're comfortable, then you must also know that this means that you are setting limits for your life. It's as if you decided to walk up the stairs and because you are comfortable taking one step, you decided that this was your destination and there's no need to figure out how to walk up the entire flight so that you can explore the next floor.

​Whether you are looking to take a promotion at work, start your own business, get married, etc., if we aren't willing to step out of our comfort zones, it will be very challenging to grow in life. Not to mention, by setting limits to your life, you leave yourself not knowing what you don't know, which can hurt you as this is how people are taken advantage of.

​ Life isn't perfect so we have to understand that just because you step out of your comfort zone, it doesn't mean you will reach the success you've dreamed of so you are always taking a risk, as you are learning something new. However, you can guarantee that by stepping out of your comfort zone, you will always learn something. So if you aren't happy living in your comfort zone, you will at least learn how to become successful as a result of your failure. or even better, you will reach the success you deserve.